The Last Chance: Nova Aetas Renaissance Preorders

Did you miss the Gamefound campaign of Nova Aetas Renaissance? This is your very last chance to get this game at a very special price! Less than 200 English bundles are available here! Order now to save 90 EUR and receive everything in a few weeks!

Nova Aetas Renaissance is an atypical dungeon crawler for 1-6 players, set in the hectic universe of Nova Aetas Chronicles.
Join more than 10.000 Heroes who will soon travel across the mythical lands of Renaissance Italy! 4 years development, non-linear epic campaign with seven different endings. 46 missions, side quests, and hunts, nine different heroes, dozens of enemies, and tactical fights. Over 90 amazing miniatures, 3D buildings, and... much more!

Nova Aetas Renaissance is our biggest project, and it will be the most astonishing boardgame you have ever played: explore lands, cities, and towns of Renaissance Italy, interact with many characters, and discover if they are valuable allies or stubborn enemies to fight, cooperate with other heroes, complete missions, get fame, and decide your ultimate fate! The world of Nova Aetas Renaissance is waiting for you!

If you want to know more about the game, click on the image below to see the original Kickstarter campaign.

Why is this a Last Chance?

Nova Aetas Renaissance, given its size, will not be available in retail, but it will be possible to retrieve it through fairs or ONLY directly on our site during special events such as Black Friday and Christmas.
This is the Last Chance to get this bundle at a very special price and save 90 EUR!

The Bundle

The Nova Aetas Renaissance bundle includes the core game and the following expansions: Hyperion, Draco, Minotaur, and Mediceo. The total weight will be more than 15 Kg!

If you are interested in getting Black Rose Wars: Rebirth, we created the special Italian Renaissance bundle, that includes both games. You can save an extra 50 EUR!

Delivery Time

Deliveries to backers have already started. Preorders will be open until stock lasts.

€ 108.123


Est. Shipping: December 2023

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