The Breach

You are a Breacher, an expert hacker. Will you be able to steal data from Gene.sys, a secret system controlled by the Achab Corp?

The Breach is a competitive Net Crawler game for 1-4 players, lasting approximately 25 minutes per player, where they attempt to breach the Gene.sys database to steal secret information. Each player is a Breacher, a digital rebel, guided by their ideals or by their Faction interests. The game map is Gene.sys, a virtual universe of mysterious origin, currently controlled by the Achab Corporation.

After hacking into the database, the Breacher Avatars will face several dangers, like other Breachers, or I.C.E. and Guardians controlled by the A.R.M.. The Breach has a distinctive resource management system, tactical combats, set collection mechanics, and variable powers. Your objective is to spread viruses inside the database to gather as much information as possible. Upgrade your Avatar, assign viruses, fight I.C.E. and other Avatars, explore the rooms of Gene.sys, install programs and use cheat codes to manipulate the database.

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Est. Shipping: July 2024

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