Requiem: Downfall of Magic

Anno domini 1530, Wittenberg, Holy Roman Empire.
The war between Lutherans and Catholics plagues the country. Suspected witches and heretics are burned at the stake, and magical practices are no longer tolerated.

Rumor has it that an ancient cult, the Totentanz, is trying to take advantage of this chaos. An apprentice necromancer, Cosma de Gubernatis, has formed an alliance with this group of death worshipers to satisfy his mysterious obsession.
The watchful eye of Cardinal Vincenzo Nicola Furia monitors their movements.

After the destruction of the Lodge of the Black Rose, a secret force, called the Order, has been created by the Roman Church. Their primary objective is to keep the nefarious Magic under control, preventing evil mages and powerful evocations to roam free all across the Empire.
The Order recently found traces of Cosma, and now their goal is to discover his plans and stop this new threat for the Roman Church.

You are a member of The Order, will you be determined enough to stop this new threat?

A new amazing miniature game set in the dark and dangerous world of Nova Aetas Chronicles!

Requiem: the Downfall of Magic is a cooperative map-based adventure game set in the same universe of Black Rose Wars: RebirthNova Aetas Renaissance, and Black Rose Wars, that will bring you to a fantastic and intriguing early 1500s Europe; asymmetrical characters will face crossroads campaigns, exploring territories and performing actions: depending on the players’ choices, successes, and decisions, the game can lead to a specific final battle and its corresponding ending.

Requiem: Downfall of Magic is a narrative campaign game for 1-4 players, where you will face unique quests and confront fearsome creatures. A chapter book will guide you, develop the plot, and provide you with the specific rules for each quest.
The narrative chapters take place on an ever-changing gaming board made up of hexagonal tiles, each containing beautiful artwork and game elements.
As you explore these tiles, you will encounter enemies to face and events to solve. The events will lead you deeper into the world of Requiem through the Discovery Book, which has challenges and mysteries. The enemies will be faced slightly differently, as special boss fights with different rules and maps for each encounter.

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"Exploring a rich universe while a mysterious story evolves is exactly what I want"
- RAHDO (Click Here to see the video)

"Your Choices really do matter. A fully cooperative epic adventure. I'm here for all of it!"
- THE DICE TOWER (Click Here to see the video)

"The action feels streamlined, which is a rrefreshing alternative in the campaign adventure genre."
- MAN VS MEEPLE (Click Here to see the video)

This project was successfully funded on Kickstarter


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