Haunted Lands

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Are you ready to be a Perceiver?
The future of Kalena now lies in your hands.

Haunted Lands will take you into the magical world of Kalena, where the Perceivers help the inhabitants develop the city, also defending it against the Specters from ancient civilizations. 

Haunted Lands is a competitive Euro-game for 2-4 players designed by Leonardo Romano, with beautiful illustrations and amazing meeples. Explore new lands in search of new resources to help develop your community. But beware: Specters from ancient civilizations still dwell in these places, frightening the explorers and making your buildings unusable. As Perceivers, you are the only ones who can communicate with these restless spirits, to try to drive them away from these lands and become the heroes of Kalena!

ONLY DURING THE PREORDER PHASE, you can get the FREE EXCLUSIVE Akron Mini Expansion, with an alternative character to play (and its game material) and 10 extra Assignment Cards, to have a more asymmetrical gameplay!

Shipments will start in December 2023.
Preorders will be open until stock lasts. 

ATTENTION: this is a preorder, not a Kickstarter/crowdfunding campaign. Production quantities have already been ordered to the factory, and mass production is already running.

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